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“My love for exploration is reflected in my works with the contrasting colors, textures and hues. My brush strokes reflect my spirit, my love for nature, color, and my joy in traveling and collecting beautiful moments.


I have turned my inspirations into a business, ArtbyCatalinaCurrea, where I show my personal collections, and commissioned pieces from clothing to murals I love to paint and love living as an artist.”


Catalina Currea is an artist originally from Bogota, Colombia that now resides in the DFW area. Her love for painting began as a child when she began painting old family photos. Soon, her talent was recognized and she became active in her school and neighborhood where she painted for various events and participated in exhibitions. She graduated with a focus in graphic design and was awarded second place for her thesis which focused on the relationship between color and mood with finger painting used as a therapy for people to deal with stress. After graduation, Catalina attended the University of Artes y Letras in Bogota, Colombia, and was fortunate enough to participate in various exhibitions including the House of Culture.


In 2016 Catalina moved to Texas and began to exhibit for studios such as Impulse Art Gallery, Talento Bilingüe Houston, Las Americas Art Museum, Aurora Studios, and Hardy Nancy Studios. Currently, her work is focused on portraying experiences taken from travels to National Parks and other nature preserves often taking fellow travelers' photos and creating one of a kind portraits.


When she is not backpacking the National Parks Catalina enjoys creating murals for businesses and residences around the country.

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