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"Travelling to places that are unknown to me and being in Nature has always been my source of inspiration. It is from time spent in places like our National Parks that I have found relief from the anxieties that accompany my all too modern life. Away from the industrialized cityscape, I find with Nature an abundance that is expressed to me in her immense pallete. As an artist, I seek to share the benefits of these rich colors within my landscape paintings and murals through blending acrylic and mixed media. My hope is that they can convey the spirit and memories of these precious places into the lives of those that view my work."


The most beautiful memories I have are those of being surrounded by immense mountains, imposing canyons, crystalline rivers, and sunsets full of magic! As an artist, I value being able to paint these beautiful places and the ability to travel to them through my painting.

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Dallas, Forth Worth, Texas 

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